Thermal Waist Slimmer

  • FEEL THE BURN and SEE THE RESULTS! Your Slimmer Trimmer Waist Trimming Belt makes your exercise more productive by raising your core body temperature, making you sweat more, and increasing the number of calories you burn! Slimmer Trimmer gets you DRASTICALLY IMPROVED RESULTS with the SAME EFFORT!
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE from SUPERIOR MATERIALS and DESIGN - Slimmer Trimmer uses top quality anti-slip, latex free neoprene lining that comfortably forms to your exact body shape to maximize perspiration while giving support to your lower back and abdominal muscles. Enhanced Performance and Superior Support… that’s Slimmer Trimmer!
  • TAKE ACTION AND SEE THE RESULTS! We know it isn’t easy to slim down. Our mission at Slimmer Trimmer is to help you lose weight without any extra effort. Use Slimmer Trimmer during your normal fitness routine, or just wear it around the house or while you relax. Either way, you will FEEL the BURN with the help of Slimmer Trimmer!

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