5 day Supply Aya-Tea + Belly Fat Killer 24oz bottle

Lose 5-12 pounds in just 5 days!

Aya-Tea is all natural!

This tea will attack your fat cells.

Be fit & thick today!



Fat cells are composed  of condense water, the science behind Aya-Tea is cellular detox. It will remove waste from your cells which will allow you to rid your body of unwanted fat. 


This tea is perfect paired with a workout regiment!






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  • Product Info

    • What is AYA TEA?  AYA TEA is a natural belly fat reducing tea that reduces belly fat in five days.

    • What is in AYA TEA? Less than 2% of caffeine, green tea extract, ginseng, aspartame, B6, and vitamin A.

    • Is working out necessary? Though it is not a requirement it will increase results.

    • Food limitations?  No bread, added sugar, or fried/greasy foods. Including pasta, white rice, white potatoes.

    • Will it hurt me if I use it continuously?  No. AYA TEA is a natural product so therefore you can use it as long as you would like.

    • Does it interfere with any medications? No. AYA TEA is a natural product so it does not interfere with a chemical based product.

    • I don’t eat breakfast can I still drink the tea? Yes, either start after your first meal or eat a small breakfast such as an apple or banana.

    • Can I have coffee or juice? No

    • Can I have a protein shake? Yes as long as there is not added sugar and the only fruits used are red apples, bananas, or strawberries. 

    • I am breast feeding can I drink the tea? No, it will dry up breast milk.

    • Pregnant, can I drink the tea? No, wait until the baby is born.

    • Can I mix the tea with something other than water? No

    • Does it have an expiration date? As long as the tea is not made up it can last for months but if it is it can last in the refrigerator for a little over a week.

    • Can I have alcohol? No 

    • Can children drink it? Yes, the youngest we have had is 7.

    • Can I know what the two herbs are? No, we have a blind federal trade mark on them.

    • What’s the difference between this tea and other detox teas? Unlike other teas, Aya Tea will not force you to defecate. Fat does not live in your digestive track. That’s why after you “detox” and start back eating you gain the weight right back. Because a “detox” is only temporarily getting rid of waste. Aya Tea reduces the fat cells themselves so the weight doesn’t come right back.

    • So if I’m not defecating, how is the fat leaving my body? The body rids itself two ways, defecating and urinating. So you will urinate more.

    • Am I loosing water weight? No. water weight lives in your muscle we are reducing fat cells.

    • Why do I have to reduce my water intake to 24oz? Fat cells are composed of dense water and Aya Tea is designed to reduce those cells. If you are overindulging in water that will defeat the purpose of the product.

    • Will I dehydrate? No your body is composed of 70% water so you will not dehydrate.

  • Consumption Directions

    Before starting your AYA-TEA: 

    Take before and after pictures (front & side) of your belly.

    Do not suck in your belly.

    Repeat this once you finish your AYA-TEA. 


    Start AYA-TEA after a small breakfast.


    Blend AYA-TEA with 1 gallon of water.


    Shake very well then grab a 24oz bottle.


    Pour your Aya-TEA inside the 24oz bottle. 


    Shake up bottle again and  sip tea slowly for 4 HOURS


    Only sip on the 24oz bottle of tea in one full day do not exceed! (Drink tea slow within a 4 hour time frame.


    Take your time and enjoy the taste and great flavor.



    Please fill up your bottle with 24oz of water and take your time DRINK SLOWLY as this will last you for the rest of your day!


    No more water allowed until the next day!



    During the 5-day period that you are consuming AYA-Tea:


    -No bread, No sugar, No fried foods, No greasy foods. 

    -Stay on a Low Carb diet for 5 days with this tea regimen.

    -No eating Carbs after 3:00 pm

    -If you consume fruits ONLY eat Red Apples, Bananas, & Strawberries with this tea regimen.



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